Off to New Zealand!

Kia Ora! (Hello in New Zealandish)

For Easter Break I’ve scheduled a trip for New Zealand!!!

I leave the night of Wednesday, April 4th and will be coming back Monday, April 16th! I fly into Auckland (the capital, in the North Island) and spend three days there with a friend, and then we both fly down to Christchurch to meet up with some more friends for a week long bus tour of the South Island. I’ve provided the website with a map and detailed itinerary for the South Island tour.

Kiwi Experience - TranzAlpine Back Paddock Tour

My trip will be bountiful with sheep, Lord of the Rings-esque landscapes, glacier climbing, and bungee jumping!!! I’m so excited!!!

I will be out of touch, since I will not have my mobile or my computer… so if you need to get ahold of me, do it today or tomorrow! My phone number is +61 4 1099 3687 dialed from any other mobile phone. Call me if you want to chat or to let me know if you want to Skype! I’ll take lots of good pictures, and you’ll be sure to see them and here all about my trip when I get back.

E noho rā! (Goodbye in New Zealandish)

I’ve included some pictures of New Zealand, which you can see by clicking “Read More”

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Things I miss…

1) Pickles

2) Mexican food (and salsa)

3) Top the tater

4) Oreos and other snack foods

5) Ketchup being readily available

6) Minnesota nice-ness

7) Family and friends!

I love this video.

I hear this song everyday… and kind of love it.

My tumblr is no longer linked to facebook. :-(

So come here for all of your Beau related blog updates!

This song has been resonating in my head the entire time I’ve been in Australia. I can also be proud to say I’ve been to a majority of these places AND know one of the people in the video!

These pictures are from my trip to the Great Ocean Road, located West of Melbourne that starts past Geelong (the state of Victoria’s second largest city) in Torquay

The road was built by returned soldiers between 1919 and 1932, and is the world’s largest war memorial; dedicated to casualties of World War I. It is an important tourist attraction in the region, which winds through varying terrain alongside the coast, and provides access to several prominent landmarks; including the nationally significant Twelve Apostles limestone stack formations.

My group of U.S. friends and I left at 6 am (returning at 9 pm) and traveled the coast through resort/vacation/surf towns like Torquay, Lorne, & Apollo Bay, and saw landmarks such as London Arch (formerly known as London Bridge), the Twelve Apostles, Torquay and Bells Beaches, a rainforest, the dairy lands, a Koala/Eucalyptus forest (which also included many colourful birdies), and an enclosed beach (cave exploring aka spelunking included) known as Loch and Gorge.

Here is the location of the road (about a total of 243 km ~ 151 miles; we didn’t travel the whole thing and turned back at the 12 Apostles).

Busy busy busy Beau

Hey everyone!

Sorry I haven’t updated my blog! I’ve just been really really busy with orientation, scuba-diving, holding koalas, and having too much fun.

An update is coming soon, so hold tight!